About Our Pack Leader

Having two active dogs of her own, Ace (Vizsla) and Mason (German Shorthaired Pointer), owner Wendy Hernandez understands the need for a dog daycare that offers open play in a safe environment. She left her corporate job to start a place that would keep tails wagging and fur parents happy.

She loves all dogs and truly enjoys spending time with them. She can't wait to meet your pup and get to know them.

The Pack Members

And who are our pawesome handlers? Big time dog lovers who probably follow more dogs than humans on Instagram. In addition to loving dogs, our handlers undergo onboarding training when they first join the team, and they continue to participate in trainings throughout the year in order to always provide the best experience for your pup.

dog running with toy

4613 E 12th St. #A

Austin, TX 78721


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